Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Busy

I have done a horrible job of keeping this blog updated. I'll try and do better.

Since we've last talked the literature club has been quite busy, but the ultimate experience thus far in the year was the Skype conversation the class got to have with Erica Kirov, the author of the MAGICKEEPERS :THE ETERNAL HOURGLASS.

The kids asked a lot of good questions and Ms. Kirov was gracious enough to answer them all. Well okay she didn't actually answer the questions which would have spoiled the plot for later books but despite that the kids further fell in love with her and they are chomping for the next book in the series, MAGICKEEPERS : THE PYRAMID OF SOULS which is scheduled for release May 1 according to Amazon. Pre-order your copy now.

The class also selected the book we are reading for the second semester.
i so don't do mysteries by Barrie Summy is the first book in a series. Book two i so don't do spooky is already out, and the third book i so don't do makeup will be released May 11th.

The kids chose to read the first one so they would have a better sense of the character. But having read the novel I have no doubt they will quickly be hooked and be eager to hop right into the next one.

Matter of fact I read the first few chapters at our last meeting and was amused by the reaction of the boys in class. To say the least, they were reluctant at first. It was a girl book they said, but
then when the ghost of Sherry's mother showed up those very same boys begged me to keep reading.

The class has also been hard at work writing their won stories and learning the techniques to be a good writer. I'll try and update soon to pas along the lessons we've learned on the nuts and blots of writing.